Pasta Romana

Pasta Romana – exquisite pasta specialities with home-made fillings according to classic original recipes. Our family-owned company with Italian roots has stood for tradition and innovation in the production of filled pastas for already 30 years. Customers of our company with its 25 employees include international flight and ship catering companies, hotels and restaurants, and connoisseurs of good pasta. With inspiration from the various regions of Italy, we constantly discover new product creations. We capture the fresh and unique flavour with our gentle production process. As a result, we create the unmistakeable moment of delicious-smelling, freshly plated pasta for every connoisseur. For this reason, our customers also trust our frozen fresh pasta.


With Pasta Romana, you take the Italian
lifestyle home with you.

We make pasta the way Italian mothers would make it for their families: unmistakeably fresh and unmistakeably delicious.

Tasty and hearty – typically Italian.


It is our philosophy that quality begins with the raw ingredients. Therefore, only choice raw ingredients from select suppliers come into consideration for our products. Our raw ingredients are all freshly prepared in our kitchens to create delicious fillings. We mince the meat ourselves, sweat the onions, and cook the fresh spinach and vegetables.



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